Date: August, 2014

With starter currently operating in five locations, the brand steps up to its fullest product offer with its first airport supermarket. This is the largest store for the brand at 230 SQ M and is located in the Skypark plaza in Terminal 3. The airport saw around 40 million passengers last year.

The store carries a wide range of groceries, personal care, dairy, travel accessories, frozen foods and above all, a bakery and live food counter that serves an assortment of cooked, precooked and ready to eat food options. Starter also intends to provide additional services like free home delivery and order by phone. The store caters to international travelers, employees of the airport as well as residents.

Kartik Bhat, Group Head & Vice President said: “Flemingo’s entry into the Middle East market comes with a tailor-made and exclusively built supermarket “Starter” for airport staff and passenger. The 2500 Sqft store offers a shopping experience comparable to any other large format hyper market, owing to the carefully planned merchandise width and professionally defined adjacencies, to give the shopper a comfort of effortless shopping. Through Starter in Abu Dhabi, Flemingo wishes to start a new journey of innovative store concepts across the Middle East and Asia, wooing the discerning airport traveller.”

Flemingo is present in 32 countries with over 140 operations and operates across different formats including duty free shops in airports, borders, downtown, seaports, UN commissary shops, and diplomatic duty free, in addition to inflight supply as well as convenience stores, food & beverage and luxury retail outlets at airports. This format is strategically very important for the group and in achieving its vision of 2B.BY 2020. Flemingo also operates Xpress convenience stores in Indonesia and Malaysia in addition to Starter stores in Indonesia , Costa Rica and Poland.