Date: November, 2013
Flemingo International has been awarded concession to operate 8 outlets at Terminal 2 of Juanda airport and at Sepinggan International airport, Balikpapan.

Juanda international airport which saw 5 Million passengers last year and growing 10% annually awarded Flemingo, concessions to operate two book stores and a convenience store. The book stores with a total space of 140 Sq M located at International departures and Domestic departures would be under the brand name Xpress and convenience store of 140 Sq M located at the central atrium area would operate under the brand name Starter.

At Sepinggan International airport, Balikpapan, Flemingo has won concessions to operate one convenience, two book stores and two food outlets. Starter would be the brand name under which the convenience outlet would operate in a space of 170 Sq m while the book stores would operate in a total space of 230 Sq M under the brand name Xpress. Space awarded to the two food & beverage outlets is 300 Sq m. The airport served 8 million passengers last year with an annual growth of 15%.

All the contracts are for a period of 5 years. The company would be entering into a JV with a strong local retailer with an experience of operating high street and airport shops, for its Indonesian operations. Flemingo is expecting revenue of around 35 million over the contract period.

Kartik Bhatt, Head of convenience said “South East Asia, especially Indonesia is one of the fast growing emerging markets and is very integral to Flemingo’s future plans. We would be working closely with our Indonesian partners, to deliver an exhilarating shopping experience across all our formats in the airports. We believe our partner’s local knowledge and understanding of the Indonesian consumer and our global experience will lay a strong foundation of a long serving successful relationship for the years to come”.

For Flemingo, Indonesia is a very strategic location and with upcoming tenders, plans are underway to spread its presence in the next one year. It expects to double the store numbers in next 6-8 months taking it closer to its vision of 2B.BY 2020.