Date: January, 2014
Flemingo has secured the supermarket contract at Abu Dhabi airport, marking its operational debut in the Middle East region. Whilst Flemingo has a full-fledged logistic and consolidation operation as well as head office in Dubai, this would be the first airport retail facility in the region. Abu Dhabi airport, which saw 14 Million passengers last year, has awarded Flemingo, the concession to operate a super market at the Skypark lounge at terminal 3 of Abu Dhabi airport. The operation would operate under the brand name starter for a contract period of three years with a total space of 250 Sq M. Flemingo has diplomatic supermarkets carrying over 15,000 SKUs (supplied from Dubai) in Africa, which it has been operating for more than a decade.
The store would carry a full range of supermarket items including food & beverages, fruits & vegetables, deli, dairy, poultry, personal and body care, news, home, tobacco, books, stationary, etc. Some of the categories like destination, f and b, books & stationary would carry extensive offerings following a “Good – Better – Best” range philosophy, driven by value pricing while the others such as high-end personal care, soft Luggage, gifts and souvenirs & tobacco will carry limited depth & range across masstige brands and aims to create a “world class shopping experience”. In addition limited assortment of QSF, bakery & hot beverage options would also provide the customers with a “Food on the go’ options while on the move.
By using layout, adjacency planning, planogram Flemingo aims to build ease of shopping and create a differentiator in addition to the extensive product range/choice given to customers.
The brand Starter had commenced operations in 2012 [focussed more towards supermarket & f and b] while Xpress convenience offer was launched in 2013. Currently the format has stores in Poland, Costa Rica while Malaysia, Brazil and Indonesia are in the pipeline.
This format is one of the five rolled out by Flemingo with the others being duty free, diplomatic including online, food and beverage and in-fight thus supporting its vision of 2B.BY 2020.
Kartik Bhatt, head of convenience said, “This new contract represents a big step for Flemingo as it enters retailing in ME region. We aim to make this the preferred destination for shopping at airport through our services and comfortable environment”.