Date: 22/10/2012

Flemingo unveils repositioning of the brand and US $2 Billion Vision at TFWA, Cannes
Flemingo International at the TFWA Cannes, 2012 unveiled the new branding and repositioning strategy of the company and the Vision “2B by 2020”. The company also outlined its strategy for growth and spoke about its emerging market focus and plan to finance the next stage of expansion through a mixture of accruals, debt and equity.

The company also underlined the four pillars on which Flemingo plans to grow – people , partnerships, emerging market focus and de risking strategy.

Flemingo has also been diversifying, with many new formats such as food & beverage and coffee shops at airports, as well as its existing airport, seaport, border store, diplomatic and airline operations.
It also has master concessions and long term partnerships at certain airports. Currently Flemingo has 118 outlets across 26 countries in 3 continents – Europe, Africa and Asia.