Date: February 2016


Flemingo Foundation, the CSR arm of Flemingo International kicks off 2016 as co-sponsor for the The Music Projects participation in the recently concluded Galle Literary Festival in Sri Lanka. Flemingo Foundation has been working with The Music Project based out of Sri Lanka for the last two years and the program has over 500 children.
The Music Project is inspired by El Sistema (a publicly financed voluntary sector music education program in Venezuela,) and aims to foster a sense of musical achievement on an individual and personal level by providing those whose lives might have been affected by poverty, war or abuse, a therapeutic and holistic opportunity to excel and fulfil their own potential within a thriving musical community.

The Project aims to provide links between the children of the north and south using music as the link language and to ensure long term ties. As the programme progresses, the two orchestral communities from the north and south, work together to perform and participate in workshops that would involve instrumentalists and specialists. This end result would ensure that the kids of two diverse communities establish links through music, thereby achieving social cohesion, unity and harmony.
The Flemingo Foundation had been running a very successful educational and humanitarian project Educate to protect to raise awareness amongst Sri Lankan school children, as well as their parents and educators, against silent child abuse since 2013. In just two years, the program had reached out to more than 25000 children and 6000 adults, thus enabling and empowering them for a better life.

In continuation of its work with children, Flemingo foundation is now exploring opportunities to partner with The Music Project and two other organizations for the year 2016.
The Galle festival brings over thousands of visitors from around the world to this ancient UNESCO city and this year it featured over 90 international writes, poets, dramatists, musicians and artists. 40 children from The Music Project played in the Dutch church, built over 250 years ago, to a packed crowd. The next fund raising activity for the music project and Flemingo foundation is Bowie tribute night.