Date: May, 2014

TFWA, Singapore

Since Flemingo’s last CSR announcement at TFWA Cannes back in October 2013, Flemingo Group’s Director and Board Member, Paul Topping, declared that the “Flemingo Foundation – WE CARE” has moved forward with its CSR initiatives that started in Sri Lanka, and now spreading into another two regions to include Kenya and India, where Flemingo Group has well established operations in. Three countries and more children are to be benefit from Flemingo’s CSR projects on education and human rights.
From the early beginnings of Flemingo’s mission to become a world leader international travel retail industry, especially in developing and emerging markets, Flemingo’s Management focused on the necessary embedding of the CSR strategies into their corporate governance, whereby a lot of collective energy was exerted by its top Management Team, Shareholders, and the Regional CEOs spread around the globe, recognizing that CSR and socio-economical sustainability strategies, and the contribution methodology through local partnerships, in countries where Flemingo has operations in, remain key to Flemingo’s focus on developing a sustainable future in spite of the global economic downturn.
Pressing forward, empowered by strong strategic planning and know-how of its team, most effective educational and humanitarian programs have been created by Flemingo, especially through effective partnerships with the local community, in countries like Sri Lanka last year, India and Kenya this year.
This announcement took place during Flemingo’s annual participation at the annual TWFA 2014 Singapore Conference, when Topping proudly said, that by end of 2014, 20,000 Sri Lankan school children will now be enabled to shout out loud “NO MORE SILENT ABUSE!” – this will be done through the raised awareness and educational joint program, funded by Flemingo and coordinated by Inner Wheel Club of Colombo West; “Educate to Protect”. The program assertively works at raising awareness amongst school children in Sir Lanka against silent abuse, in the hope to effectively reduce the continued rise in child abuse crimes and the alarming child suicide rates on the island. The program sessions started back in September 2013 with a target outreach of 10,000 school children, and quickly the good news spread throughout the island about the effectiveness of the program sessions which opened the doors of more schools and accelerated the mission of “Educate to Protect” enabling it to reach NOT 10,000 children – but to DOUBLE that number to 20,000 children by end of 2014!
Flemingo recognizes the progressive benefits behind partnering with the local community, exemplified by “Educate to Protect” and the joined partnership with the local Inner Wheel Club of Colombo West in Sri Lanka, and directed Flemingo into partnering with SOS Children Villages, in Chennai, India on the creation of “Project Inspire”, where 25 exceptional underprivileged children were adopted academically by Flemingo Foundation and Flemingo is sponsoring their educational journey with the prospect of nurturing them into a having a brighter more secure future with Flemingo as their backbone potential future employer. Similarly, Topping encouraged another partnership with SOS Children Villages, in Nairobi, Kenya, where 200 children, ages 15 to 17 years, are benefiting now from “Project Upgrade Learning”, where Flemingo academically adopted the vocational training of those wonderful underprivileged young people. In both India and Kenya, Flemingo hopes with the partnerships with SOS Children Villages, to secure the future of these members of the often forgotten sector of the local community, with Flemingo being the backbone of their sustainable development, offering a dignified existence through the instilling of positive progressive thinking and by thriving to develop a creative and proactive individuals capable of becoming responsible members in their community and in control of their destiny.
On all three CSR projects, whether in Sri Lanka, India or in Kenya, Flemingo employees sought out the opportunity to actively and voluntarily take part, to serve and sustain these CSR projects by giving valuable time and energy to help ensure that these projects will reap the success and achieve the results that, not only Flemingo aspires for, but they themselves as members of the community do as well. Such interaction between Flemingo’s employees positively echoed into the local community, reflecting the sensible responsible organizational behavior and corporate culture of Flemingo and its vision – and its friendly conscientious presence within the areas it operates in.
CSR Future with Flemingo Foundation …
“The Flemingo Foundation – WE CARE” came as a natural step to ensure a structured socially responsible behavior, reflecting the vision and mission of Flemingo, especially in relation to labor practices, environment, human rights, and local community service.
Strongly moving forward with all its CSR initiatives and programs, with three projects in three locations around the globe, Flemingo is expected to continuously gain a foothold in the employment market as a stable and good employer with a progressively developing organizational culture of commitment and focus on results and increased productivity in addition to global expansion, it also reinstates its image as a reliable business partner, a responsible eco-friendly corporation, and an active participant in community life.